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    For any construction job you’re working on that involves overhead doors or garage doors, we’d be more than happy to help you define specifications that will make it easy to decide on the right door for your needs. Keep in mind that even when doors have the exact same dimensions, they may still require completely different hardware. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what they’re being used for, which must be evaluated carefully.

    Before you choose a garage door or decided on an overhead door system, it’s essential that you determine your needs. This means:

    • How often will the door be used?

    Think about the amount of traffic your door will see because this will help you determine the risk of it breaking down. Consider the various vehicles and people who will be using the door.

    • Is insulation going to be necessary?

    Depending on where you live, weather-tightness and insulation may be a factor you have to think about. Don’t go with a door that is too big because, if they’re motorized, you’ll have a lot more to worry about from energy waste when deciding on accessories.

    • How many times per day will the door be opened and closed?

    Again, the more use a door sees, the more important it is that you pay for the best possible hardware. Door openers are great options too.

    • What kinds of safety measures do you need?

    Are you concerned about things like over-use causing problems or do you have to think about the risks posed by vandals?

    • How much natural light do you want?

    Obviously, your garage door is going to shut out a lot of natural light, so if you don’t want this to happen, you must include windows. However, if security is a top priority, then it’s best a small one (e.g. 21” x 8”) is simply installed off to the side where the door’s controls are.

    • Do any other extraordinary conditions apply?

    Things like strong winds, corrosive air or even the likelihood of explosions must be taking into consideration. Think about what you may need to install, like bridge cranes or truck/car washes.

    Once you have the answers to all these questions, you can figure out the dimensions of the right door.
    • Your need to know the distance from the floor to your ceiling (under the rafters) or whatever the obstruction is that your garage door or overhead door will first reach. All doors absolutely must have enough clearance when they travel toward the ceiling.

    • The minimum distance between two side-by-side doors is 18 inches.

    • Should the doors come with electric door openers as well as other accessories, it’s vital to talk with an electrical engineer before installing them. You’ll also want to use the highest possible voltage for the sake of efficiency.

    What kind of door does your specific application need?

    1) Sectional Doors:

    A lots of the sectional garage doors here in United States are built from 26-gaugage galvanized steel that’s 1¾” thick as well as injected with polyurethane foam. As you may already know, polyurethane is the best insulation available. It’s also great for increasing the door’s rigidity because it adheres to the walls of the door. The end product is twice as strong as a door that was only fortified with polystyrene insulation.

    2) Rolling Steel Doors – Fire Rated:

    You may want a rolling steel door for your building that’s divided into two halves. That door might also need a fire resistance rating that is good for over 45 minutes.

    3) High-Speed Doors:

    If you want to divide two areas within your building, a high-speed PVC door that can travel 60”/second is a good place to start.

    4) Loading Dock Doors

    For those who want overhead doors that come with a loading/unloading dock, you’ll have a number of options to choose from: mechanical docks, platform lifts, hydraulic docks, etc. Don’t forget about all the other safety accessories you need too for garage doors and overhead doors.

    Whether you need a sectional garage door, high-speed door, rolling door, strip door, pass-door, all-glass door, loading dock or wicket door, here at Smoker Door Sales, you can trust that we have the necessary experience and professional installation technicians to make sure your that you get an overhead door system that meets all your needs and leaves you with peace of mind.

    Always check for components that come with an appropriate amount of sturdiness as well as efficiency. Doing so should go a long way toward preventing breakdowns. Furthermore, it costs a lot less to pay for quality materials than to constantly cover the costs of frequent repairs. In some cases, you may only need to spend 15% more to double your door’s durability.

    Finally, we’re excited to offer you a Preventive Maintenance Program. It was designed to offer the kind of preventative maintenance you need to keep your overhead doors running optimally and keep it working smoothly for years to come. Inquire about our annual maintenance programs.

    Call us any day of the week at (717) 442-5070 between 8 AM and 5 PM, and one of our sales representatives or technical service personnel will be happy to assist you.

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